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May 22, 2012


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Hannah Joy Curious

Glad you documented the first year of Symon's life and shared it. He looks like a very happy chappie! Our cat, who is 16, still puts on his "kitten face" every now and then... something to do with big ears and innocent eyes.

Lisa Klow

Yes, Symon is a Happy Chappie!

We ran an Old Cat's Home for many years. When I met Steve I had three cats who were 11. Button died when he was 13, Griffin at 16, we acquired Emmett but only had him two years (various Old Cat illnesses). Mooshie lasted until she was nearly 20! Then we were catless for six years.

So, it was great to get a kitten (Steve had never raised a kitten). Symon's a handful, but we love him. We really needed him at that point in our lives. And we still occasionally see his Kitten Face.

My blog identity and my art direction have been floundering for a bit, so Symon gives me a good excuse for posts (and a ton of Twitter pix!).

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