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October 24, 2011


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suzi blu

I can't believe that cat didn't slash your face off. Pooh wouldnt go anywhere near a sink with running water!

Lisa Klow

He couldn't - I trimmed his claws Saturday. lol!

Natalie Newman

It´s good you did this while he is still young. The more often you give him a bath, the more he is likely to get used to it. Norman still doesn´t really love it when I come with all that shampoo, but he won´t move or try to run away. He waits silently til I´m done. Vanilla was more the kind of drama queen, but by now she got used to it too. Cats like to have solid ground under their feet. I wash little Vanilla in the sink, she doesn´t get as panicky there.

Good thing you are still alive! Looove your artwork!


Lisa Klow

Thanks, Natalie!

I bathe Symon in the sink - better to hold him. He squirms but doesn't panic. But he hates it!

I used to bathe our cats in the tub, and our little black one Button used to pee in the tub because he hated it so much. Our big black cat Mooshie would YOWL. Orange Griffin just squirmed. Giant Emmett was hard to hold he was so strong.

Now if I could just get Symon used to the brush - he thinks it's a toy.

Vanilla Drama Queen - ha! Such a pretty Drama Queen. (Norman, too.) (Tell him I said he's a Pretty Boy.)

Natalie Newman

Quick brush tip: we have two. One that they can bite while they get brushed with the other one. :D or we use malt paste to feed them because it takes quite a while til they can swallow it. Best thing is to keep them busy with food.
Norman totally lbushed! Thank you!!!

Lisa Klow

Natalie, you're a genius. I distracted Symon with a toy and was able to brush him!


I love "this I give to myself." Profound! Very cool...I am trying to decide if I want to take that class. :)

Lisa Klow

Beth: It's not easy to decide to be good to yourself - truly a gift to yourself.

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